Wednesday, November 3, 2010

రవ ఇడ్లి/ Rava Idli/ Steamed Semolina cakes

(Makes 8 to 10 idlies)


Rava/sooji/semolina------1 cup (rice cooker measure)
Fresh curd/perugu/yogurt---1and 3/4 cup
Water----------------------1/2 cup
Salt to taste
Cashews ------------- 6
Cooking soda----------1/4 tsp


Avalu/mustard seeds---------1/2 tsp
Bengalgram dal/sengapappu--1tbs
Split black gramdal------------1/2tbs
Curry leaves------------------few
Red chillies -------------------1 or 2 (cut in to pieces)
Oil----------------------------1 tbs.


1.Heat oil in a pan and add seasonings.
2.When it is done add curry leaves and rava.
3.Fry rava lightly and let it cool.
4.Take curd add rava, salt, water and cooking soda mix well(you can add more water until you get idli batter consistency) and keep aside for 10 minutes.
5.Grease idli moulds pour batter and steam for 10 minutes
6.Rava idli is ready to eat.

You can store fried rava mixture. You can add yogurt and water to the mixture when ever you want to make idlies.
Eat with chutney or chutney powder.

Variations: You can add grated carrots and tomato slices in it.

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