Friday, March 12, 2010

ఉగాది పచ్చడి: Ugadi pacchadi- Ugadi (Telugu New Year) sauce


1.1/4 cup Neem Flowers
2.1/2 cup Thick Tamarind Pulp
3.1/4 cup Raw Mango Pieces
4.Three Green Chillies sliced very thin
5. Salt to taste
6. Jaggery Powder to taste


Soak the tamarind in little water.take out the pulp.
Cut the the raw mango into very small pieces.
also cut the green chillies into small pieces.
make jaggery into powder.
now mix the all 6 ingredients into a bowl.this becomes like chutney. u should not make into very liquid type.
taste it for all the six ruchis , the 6 tases of sweet/sour/salty/bitter/spicy/astringent
this is a very good for health. specially when the seasons are changing from winter to a hot summer,
children tend to get the diseases like, chicken pox, measeles etc. this helps to fight it,
it also works to improve resistance and in killing worms/germs in the stomach

It is rich in C-Vitamin and Calories

This is eaten early in the morning of Ugadi, the Telugu New Year, to remind us that life is full of ups and downs and we should learn to enjoy all the various Rasas, emotions that come our way. Just as we learn to enjoy the taste of this pachchadi!


  1. Welcome to the cooking blog peddamma, what an auspicious recipe to start with! :-)

  2. ammagaaru, mee majjiga pulusu eppudu peduthaaru?

  3. Welcome attayagaaru!! ... nenu ugadi ki mundu anukunnanu evarayina Ugadi pachadi pedthe baagundu ani....and meeru pettesaaru :)