Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baklava with Indira Konduri

It has been a tradition for the past few years that Indira, Shobana and I make Diwali sweets together. Usually we settle on two sweets and two 'hots'. We have to find a weekday that suits everyone and work in a terrible frenzy to get back to our daily grind for the next work-day but it is totally worth it. This year we tried to do something different, Laddoos and Jangris are a trifle boring, no? So when Indira suggested that we could try her newly learnt recipe for Baklava, we voted YES!

Bottoms Up! for the process!

Pour sugar and honey syrup (with orange zest and cardamom) over the baked Baklava, let it cool, serve!
(For Syrup - water to sugar ratio is 1:11/2)

Let the Baklava bake till the top is browned

Pre-cut this pastry, afterwards it might refuse to listen! Decorate with cloves

Once you add filling cover again with sheets of phyllo, butter up again

You will need walnut/almond/pistachio nut mixture with powdered sugar for filling

That is the phyllo tray, butter, walnut mixture, not very complicated don't you think?

Lay the dough sheets in your buttered aluminium tray, butter them up too, each sheet should be buttered separately

This is your phyllo dough (Athens brand) and the recipe
De-frost overnite in the refrigerator, thaw the next day an hour before making your Baklava.

Detailed Recipe Here:

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