Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dum Aloo / Baby Potatoes in a spicy gravy

My husband and I were grocery shopping one day and came across these really cute looking Baby potatoes in the store. My husband being a fan of potatoes, instantly wanted us to get them and figure out a recipe to make something of them. Of course, when he says "us", he really means I should figure something out and cook them. So, I looked through a lot of recipes and came across something that seemed interesting and closer to our liking. I made it soon as I could and of course my husband loved it and wants "us" to do it
again! Here is the recipe and hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did :)


Baby potatoes: 15
Onions 2
Tomatoes 2
Green chillies 4
Garam Masala Powder
Red chilli powder (based on how spicy you would like it)
Garlic 2-3
Cumin seeds 1 tsp


1. To begin with, slightly boil the potatoes by covering them wi
th water and using either a pressure cooker (no more than 2 whistles) or a microwave. Make sure the potatoes are not fully boiled, as they might break easily in such a case.
2. You can now easily peel off the skin on the potatoes once they have cooled down after boiling.
3. Heal oil in a deep vessel and pour enough amount of oil to be able to deep fry the above potatoes. The potatoes should turn golden brown
as you fry them. Remove the potatoes into a paper towel and keep them aside.

4. Heat some oil in a pan and add sliced onions. Fry them until golden brown and add any masala powder you choose to use for your cooking.
5. Turn off the heat and let the fried onions cool down.
6. As they onions are cooling down, you may add halved tomatoes, peeled garlic and sliced green chillies into a blender. Once the onions are cool enou
gh, add them into the blender along with the others mentioned above. Now blend the mixture into a fine paste, making sure everything has blended well.
7. Heat about 1 tbspoon oil in a pan again and add cumin seeds and the above paste. Do not add any water as yet. Add salt, masala powder and red chilli powder to the paste and stir well. Let the paste cook until the oil separates and it starts to look dry.

8. As the paste is cooking, take a fork and poke the previously fried potatoes on all sides carefully. Making these tiny holes lets the above masala or paste add taste to the potatoes.
9. When the paste looks dry and well cooked, now add some water based on how thick or thin you like your gravy/sauce to be.10. Right away add the potatoes and cover with lid on medium heat and cook fir another 10-15 minutes.
11. Uncover the pan and let any of the remaining water evaporate.
12. Garnish with fresh corriander leaves and eat with rice or roti.


  1. this looks awesome!!! Kaavya you are just amazing!!!!

  2. Thank you honey! now that u have seen the recipe, maybe you can cook it for me next time :)

  3. Hahaha! mogudu pellala prema ghuma ghumalaadutondi!! Mari ruchi gurinchi comment cheyyaledemi Sandeed:)

    Looks fabulous.

  4. Kaavya na place thesukunnatlunndi. Chala vantalu chesestunnadi.

  5. Thanks amma, nuvvu vocchinappudu roju neeku specials chesi pedathanu :)