Thursday, February 4, 2010

బీన్స్ కొబ్బరి కూర: Beans Kobbari Vesina Kura- French beans with grated coconut

Cooking Time : 20 mins, Preparation time : 10 mins.

Serves - 4


French Beans - 1/2 Kg.
Chillies - 3 (Decrease if you don't like it spicy)
Ginger - 1 inch
Coconut (grated)- 4 tbsp.
Oil - for popu.
Salt - to taste.


Minapappu - 1 tsp
Senagapappu - 1 tsp
Aavalu - 1 tsp
Karvepaaku - 1 strand.


1.Wash & Cut beans fine.
2.Heat the oil in a wok and add minapappu,senagapappu, aavalu and karvepaaku , chillies and grated ginger.
3. Add the beans
4. Add some turmeric, a little salt and some water and close the lid.
5. Allow 15 minutes for the beans to be tender at a medium or medium low.
6. Switch off the heat add the grated coconut. Mix well

Trivia : grated ginger adds a lot of flavor to bland vegetables , like carrots, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, amma calls them 'english' kuralu. & vegetables that can take flavors like aratikaya, vankaya, aalugadda. Interstingly, bendakaya,dondakaya,doppamenisinakaya or simla mirch (I don't know the exact telugu name I think it's called bunga merapakaya) are tastier vegetables by themselves and don't need too much of additional flavor.

Variations : Beans Kura can be made in a number of ways, Patoli (ofcourse the famous version), nuvvupodi vesi, aalugadda to kalipi, pesarapappu to (pappu kura laga, & my favorite of all ), Kura Podi vesi. Will post them as I make them. There's a traditional kura podi & Kharapodi which all of the chivukula adapaduchulu and kodallu make ( learnt from MIL,(Prabha attayyagaru)), So I'm waiting for manju attayya to post it for the authentic version.


  1. @KK I do not have telugu Script Let me know how do I use it here.

  2. naynu gmail tho chaystaanu.
    go to gmail Settings
    go to Enable Tranliteration, click box
    go to Telugu Font in drop down box, select

    Compose New Mail
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    its easier after the first time....

  3. it this recipe made from "goruchikkudukaya" urf guar since you said cluster beans? and what is "doppamenasinakaya"? am even learning telugu here :-)
    To enable transliteration on your blog, go to "Dashboard"- "settings"- "Basic"- Scroll down to "Global settings" and choose Telugu in "Enable Transliteration?" Then you dont need to do the copy paste from gmail

  4. because what am seeing in the photo appear to be french beans..