Monday, February 1, 2010

Pesarattu /పెసరట్టు / Green gram batter crepe

(Serves 2)

1 cup whole moong Dal / Green gram
1 cup water
1 Onion
2 tbsp Rice
1 inch ginger piece
3-4 green Chillies
Salt to taste

Soak moong dal and rice for about 8-10 hours in water.
Wash them and grind to make smooth paste by adding 1 cup of water along with the salt,chillies and ginger.
Heat frying pan or non-stick pan on high flame and pour one ladle full of batter into the center of pan and spread it around in a circular fashion (from inside out) shaping the batter into a thin round.
Add finely chopped onions and sprinkle little oil on its sides and cook it for a minute.
Turn over and cook again for 1 more minute.

Note: Pesarattu -Upma is the tastiest and traditional breakfast.
Please refer to vineeta's recipe to prepare upma.


  1. Chala bagundi!!!!!!!! note kooda bagundi:)

  2. Wonderful, only that I am scared of trying out idlis/dosas kind of stuff which need fermentation, you know na how disastrous it turns out each time for me :-P

  3. Thanks didi for this recipe, pesarattu has fond childhood memories for me, my dad used to make every morning for breakfast before rushing us off to school... That horrible Delhi winter, dark, fog, garam garam pesarattu, which he used to force down our throats like gavage because it's very good for health :-)

  4. this is wonderful!
    can we please have a LOT of BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER PIX?
    5? like Vineeta's Onion Pakodi plus 1 more photo of a family member eating it.

    please everyone follow Infinite's example of adding TELUGU SCRIPT/NAME to the recipe, theek?

    and yes: I agree lets finalize spellings and names so that there is symmetry and order.

    I am so hungry at work, I just have paata vankai koora with me :(

  5. K,
    Vote chaysaava? your favourite breakfast?
    btw Infinite's Tomato Dal naming and labeling methodology follow avudaamu, okay na?

  6. Yay I tried this one on this weekend, and it came out totally perfect!!! Thanks so much, I can't tell you how excited I was, and I can't even tell you how shocked Indira aunty & my mom were (they know my donkeyish inabilities regarding batter)

  7. Actually this credit should go to Manju athayya because she is the one who gave me the measurements of water and other things involved in preparing this.