Wednesday, February 24, 2010

బెండకాయ కూర: Bendakaya kura- Okra curry

2lbs Okra , Manju
1tbsp oil
1tbsp curd/perugu
salt to taste
chilly powder/karam (adjust as you per your taste) Thiragamatha/thadka/popu
1tbsp senagapappu/chanadal
1/2 tbsp menapapu/urad dal
1/2 tsp Avalu/mustard seeds
6 karivepaku/curry leaves

Wash and wipe okra with paper towel or cloth
Cut them into small pices
Heat oil in a pan, add all sesonings and curry leaves
Add okra pieces, then add curd and cover them. Adding curd removes the stickiness from okra.
Cook them on low flame
Do not stir them very frequently as okra might become paste
When half cooked add salt and cook until soft.
Add chilly powder and stir.
Serve it with rice or roti.

My mom used to say that eating Okra will sharpen your brain and also improves math skills.


  1. paapam Bendakayagaadini evaru pattinchukovatamlaydaymiti!
    naaku bendakaayakoora chaala ishtam..chinappudu amma idi tinntay burra
    churukuna avutunndi anaydi...nijamo kaado tayliyadu:)

  2. Bendakaya ni neynu pattinchkunta inka, baaga perugu pattichi chesta ;-) My favourite from childhood, benda annam! and thanks pinni for this yogurt trick, my benda always turns out sticky unless I put lot of oil.

    I would also like to suggest, adding upto 2 tablespoons of finely chopped ripe firm tomatoes makes it very yum (that's a gujarati thing, not telugu).