Wednesday, February 24, 2010

గుత్తి వంకాయ కూర: Gutti Vankaya Kura- Stuffed eggplant

10 small round egg plants/vankayalu
kura podi (refer to our podulu)
1 to 1 1/2 tbsp oil Salt to taste

Wash egg plants and remove the stem
Slit them in length wise up to 3/4 height and turn the egg plant upside down (opposite side) and make a slit on the other side too.
Do not cut the brinjal completely into pieces. Just slit the brinjals.
Now put them in salt water.
In a bowl take sufficient amount of kurapodi and add salt as per your taste.
Add little oil to powder and make it litte wet
Stuff the above mixture into eggplants and microwave them for about 8 mins.
Heat oil in a pan, add semi-cooked eggplants fry them by changing sides until the eggplants become brown.


  1. Attayya , mee explanataion adiripoyindi.. Chaala Baavundi :).

  2. Thanks Ramya edo naku vachinatlu chestunnanu.

  3. amma, video chaala baagundi :) baaga explain

  4. Pinni, toooo much asalu..........Chala bagundi, video kuda bagundi. Are you managing all this alone...........just great pinni...........very impressive!!!!

  5. @ Kameswari antha scene ledu naaku.Credit goes to Kalyani.

  6. The best thing ee blog ki entantey.. Ippudu kaavya ochhi abba amma aa kura chaala baaga chestundi.. Kanukkovali.. Anukunappudu.. Ee page ki log in ayitey.. Cheseyachhu.. Oka book lo raaskoni, lekapotey phone lo telusukoni.. cheyyakarledu. Very impressive.

  7. Pinniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
    I am soo excited, video bhramaandam, photolu bhramaandam, aaaaha!
    Kalyani, asalu kodalu antay nuvvay!!
    i think babaiki kooda koncham credit ivvali :)
    tondara tirigi raa...

  8. ufff....
    Pinni, you have sooo much untapped talent, you could be a famous star chef, I am serious! (And Ma Abhiruchi is going to make you famous in our family circle) ;-)
    And such nice explanation, I love it!

  9. @kavitha akka ... actually, I gave that link to attayagaru to download video editing s/w but she found out this photo editng s/w... so attayagaaru too is exploring things :) ....... she has been doing all the work.. cooking, taking pics and writing the instructions.... i just helped her in editing the video... so all the hard work is done by her :)

  10. omg, she did it on her own?
    i am sooo impressed!
    thanx to you though, i am sure you were a great help Kalyani!

  11. thank u so much for posting this.. was so helpful.. it turned out so yum.. thinking of trying all the other eegplant receipes too.. thanks again..

  12. glad you liked the recipe Sangeetha, please try out others and let us know!