Friday, September 17, 2010

బొబ్బట్లు: Bobbatlu- Flatbread with sweet bengal gram stuffing


Channa dal............1 cup
Jaggery...............1 cup(powdered)
Cardamom(ilachi).......1/2 tsp.(powder)
Plain flour(maida)....1 cup
Semolina(bombai ravva/sujji)..2 tsp.
Oil.....................1/2 cup.
Rice flour..............for rolling per requirement.


1.Cook Channa dal just enough to be soft. never over cook.drain extra water.
2.Make paste of Channa dal With powdered jaggery, in a mixer.It should be able to make a ball. while making it should not stick to palm and fingers.
3.Add cardamom powder.
4.Take the flour in bowl,add ravva, put oil mix with should be like crumbs.keep adding oil little by little to blend into the dough. the dough should be very very soft.
5.Keep the dough covered for more than an hour.
6.When it nicely stretching, that means it is ready to roll them.
7.Make channa dal paste as laddus.It is called Poornam.
8.Take the dough, make same of laddus.With the help of oil, take one maida ball spread it on your palm and put one of the laddu cover it fully.
9.Now take a board cover it with a white muslin cloth tightly.
10.Dust with rice flour roll on the cloth keep laddu stuffed roll into thin roti.when ever needed you must dust with flour, so that it should not stick to the cloth.It should able to come out easily.The variation in this is to use two polythene sheets. Take one sheet put oil on top keep the ball and put oil on top again and cover with another sheet and roll it by turning sheet.
11.Heat a pan,on slow fire cook these roties one after another, applying little oil on both sides.they should not burn.
12.Now the bobbatlu are ready. can eat them with ghee. or else put in hot milk and you relish it either way.
14.They are very tasty.

1.Instead of Channa poornam you can use Green gram dal and jaggery poornam.
2.Second variation is to use grated coconut and jaggery poornam.


  1. wow peddamma!
    I have one doubt though, how much water do you suggest we use to boil one cup of chana dal? my friend made these & I took pictures, I was going to upload this recipe, but I never got around to doing it because I don't know how to get the chana dal right, it was total trial & error :-P

  2. My most favorite sweet to make :)

  3. you can take 2 cups water to cook chenna dal. but after taking it out in right time the extra water should be drained.chenna dal should not be over cooked.