Monday, September 13, 2010

సేమ్య పాయసం/Semiya Payasam/ Vermicelli Dessert


1/2 liter milk
1/2 cup Semiya / Vermicelli
1/2 cup Sugar (adjust as per taste)
2 tablespoon of ghee, melted
10 cashews
10 golden raisins
2 cardamom pods, seeds powdered

Heat ghee in a wide Vessel and roast raisins first, and then cashews to pale gold color. Remove them in to a plate.In the same vessel, add and Roast the semiya for one to two minutes. This is to remove the raw smell of semiya , however this is optional. Take the roasted semiya to a plate and keep aside. In the same vessel, add the milk and stir in sugar. Bring the milk to a rolling boil. Reduce the heat and add the semiya, cashews, golden raisins and cardamom powder. Simmer on slow heat for ten minutes. Serve warm or cold, and enjoy.


  1. Sheer Korma!! Yummy didi, and very nicely explained!

  2. Just a general question: Is there a specific type of milk such as Vitamin D, 2%, etc that is a better choice to make desserts?