Tuesday, October 12, 2010

కార్న్ ఫ్లేక్స్ మిక్స్తుర్ / Corn Flakes Mixture


1.Corn flakes-------2 cups(available in Indian stores)
3.Roasted Chick Peas/ Putnala pappu---1/4 cup
4.Curry leaves--------few
5.Green chillies--------5to8
6.Salt to taste
7.Chilly powder--------2 tsp
8.Oil------------------For deep fry

Heat oil in a pan.
Insert a deep slotted/holes ladle into the hot oil. (as shown in picture)
Add few cornflakes to the oil in the slotted ladle.

When the cornflakes are fully done, remove the slotted ladle from the oil, spread the fried cornflakes on a paper towel & let the oil drain (as shown in picture).

Continue to do the same until all the flakes are done.
Fry Peanuts and Curry leaves.
Cut chillies into two lengthwise and fry them.
Now, take a big bowl, place all the fried items, add salt, chilly powder and mix well.

Store this mixture in airtight container.


  1. naaku office ki koncham pamputaava?
    nenu chinnappuDu tinna alpahaaramu!
    eppuDu ide :)
    appuDu Uncle Chips ledu kada......

  2. wow!! what a coincidence! nenu ivaale ee recipe request cheddhaamani anukuntu unnanu, antha lopale nuvvu pettesavu. Aithe nenu atukulatho mixture ani ankunnanule...so just substitute cheyyocchu :)

  3. We bake instead of fry.. for healthier version :)..

  4. @k:after all whose mother is she! she read your mind!
    @r: does it taste as good? should try that...

  5. @Kaavya- This is the result of mommy-baby telepathic bonds ;-)

  6. haha..the telepathy sure seemed to work! :) Now I need the teleporting powers to have the food appear infront of me whenever i think of it!

  7. For a healthier version,tried it with corn flakes cereal,very yummy! thank you