Wednesday, October 6, 2010

ఉప్పుడు పిండి/ Uppudu Pindi


Rice 1 Cup
Salt to taste
Split yellow Mung bean/Split green gram dal/pesarapappu----1/4 cup
Curry leaves------few
Mustard seeds--------1tsp
Jeera/cumin seeds----1tsp
Minapappu/split black gram dal--1tbs
Red chillies/yendumirapakayalu--2
Water--------3 cups

1. Grind Rice to a coarse powder( just like Rava)
2.Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, when it splutters add minapappu.
3.Then add jeera, red chilly and curry leaves.
4.Add 3 cups of water , salt and boil it.
5.Wash pesarapappu and add to the boilling water.
6.After 5minutes add rava and stir.
7.Cover with lid and cook it on low flame.
8.Stir occasionally.
9. when rava become smooth paste remove from the fire.
10. Eat hot with chutneys.
This is a easy and heavy tiffin item. Enjoy with all chutneys, pacchadis and pickles.

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