Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ఉసిరిగ ఆవకాయ: Vusiriga avakaya- Indian gooseberry pickle


Vusiri kayalu/Indian gooseberry-----10 big
Kaaram/Red chilly powder-1/4 cup
Mustard seeds/Aavalu------1/4 cup(powdered)
Fenugreek/Menthulu-------- 1/2 tsp(powdered)
Salt--------------------------------Little less of 1/4 cup
Oil------------------------------1/2 cup
Lemon juice----------------------1/4 cup




1.Clean vusirikayalu .
2.Heat little oil in a pan and add vusirikayalu.
3.Fry them until became brown and let them cool.
4.Take a bowel mix all ingredients and keep aside.
5.Heat oil in another pan and add mustard seeds, when it splutter add heeng
and let it cool.
6.After cooling add vusiri kayalu and oil to the mixture and mix well.
7.Add lemon juice and mix it and close with lid.
8.After two or three days it will be ready to eat.

In India we use to store in shelf, but in U.S. we are preparing with
frozen vusirikayalu. So we must store in refrigerator.

Enjoy with hot rice.

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