Monday, October 4, 2010

వేరుసెనగ ఉండలు: Verusenaga Vundalu- Peanut & Jaggery Sweet


1 Cup Peanuts/verusenagapappu
1 Cup Jaggery (grated)
Water to melt the Jaggery.


1. Dry roast peanuts and let it cool.
2. Now remove skin by rubbing the peanuts with your palm.
3. Separate skin from nuts and keep aside.
4. Heat jaggery in a pan, adding little water.
5. When the syrup becomes a thick string, add peanuts and mix well.
6. Remove from fire and make desired size balls.

Caution : You have to make balls after applying ghee on your hands however your hands will become red because of the hot nuts & jaggery.

Variations : Grease the plate and spread the nuts on it and allow it to cool. Now with a knife, cut it into desired shapes.


  1. Wow pinni, Chikki, my childhood favourite! Recipe looks simple, but that sugar syrup consistency is a tricky issue :-P

  2. Yummy!! This is my fav and Kalyan's favorite too...